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Sunday September 27th, 2015

Today I’d like to share the „Top 5“ bloggers who inspire me and who might also be one reason why I started HERPISTOLGO. I hope you find these people and their blogs as enjoyable as I do.

1) We Are 365: The two sisters Mira and Thilda from Stockholm who share their adventures in breathtaking pictures. I discovered Thilda via Lookbook a few years ago and just love her pictures. I’ve been a fan ever since and just love their blog.
2) Masha Sedgwick: The first time I spotted Berlin-based blogger Masha was also via Lookbook. I like her edgy styling and the stories she shares on her blog. Actually her blog was the first fashion blog I read regularly.
3) Maja Wyh: German blogger Maja inspires me with her extraordinary styles. I just love browsing through her pictures.
4) New Kiss on the Blog: Jean-Claude was the first Vienna based blogger I linked with fashion and he’s still the first one coming to mind if I’d have to name Vienna based fashion bloggers. Even if you’re not a guy, you might enjoy reading his posts!
5) The blonde salad: I guess I don’t have to write a lot about Chiara Ferragni. The information offered on her blog is immense and I have to admit that I don’t read every article published, the categories I definitely enjoy most are „Looks“ and „Travel“. Still, I think she’s a huge inspiration for most fashion bloggers. Her success speaks for itself.

weare365_thilda_herpistolgo weare365_mira_herpistolgoPictures via weare365.com

mashasedgwick_herpistolgo Picture via mashasedgwick.com

majawyh_herpistolgoPicture via majawyh.com

newkissontheblog_herpistolgo Picture via newkissontheblog.com

theblondesalad_herpistolgoPicture via theblondesalad.com

Which bloggers do you follow regularly? Who does inspire you?

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Trixi 19. May 2016

chiara ist wohl die unangefochtene #1, wobei ich mir lieber ihr insta-feed anschaue als ihren blog. besonders gerne verfolge ich sincerely jules und lovely pepa. ansonsten versuche ich auch immer wieder neue kleinere blogs zu entdecken.

Joepet Macariola 06. May 2016
Emma 28. September 2015

Chiara Ferragni und Kristina Bazan sind auf jeden Fall meine internationalen Lieblingsblogs!

Lena 27. September 2015

Masha & Jonny <3

Valentina 27. September 2015

I love Chiara's blog, it's one of my favourites. I haven't heard of these other blogs so I'll have to check them out. Great post <3


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