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Swimsuits are definitely coming back in style. Over the past two years I glimpse them more and more often while shopping. Thinking back, as a child I had this one swimsuit I even loved more than my bikinis. You have to know, growing up at the lakeside, I’ve always been attracted to water and I just love swimming. I spent hours swimming, playing at the lake and jumping into the water. As a girl playing mostly with boys my swimwear had to be one thing: close-fitting. Maybe that’s why I loved bathing suits just as much (or even more) as my bikinis back in the days.
Growing older, I thought of swimsuits as sportswear and most of them looked pretty boring. Seeing all these new styles makes me really excited and I really can’t wait to restock my swimsuit collection.

Here are 5 reasons you need a swimsuit in your life
1. Sitting at the beach, eating ice cream, drinking young coconut juice, a cocktail or maybe two? Or you’re inviting friends over to a barbecue at the pool? On holidays or a day with friends I don’t want to stick too hard to my diet routine. But that’s exactly when bloating can struck in. A bikini won’t hide it as good as a swimsuit will. Believe me.
2. Not ready for bikini season yet? They hide a little tummy and can give you bonus points in confidence. Rock your beach body!
3. They’re versatile. Want to grab something from the supermarket or a quick snack but you don’t want to change? With the right swimsuit you can just throw on your shorts or skirt and you’re ready to go.
4. Ever jumped inside a pool and felt like losing your bikini top and / or bottom? Or felt like you’re losing it while swimming? Swimming is my favorite cardio workout and especially during summer I swim on a daily basis. I love my bikinis, but sometimes I feel limited in my range of motions.
5. They just look amazing.

Do you already own a swimsuit? Which are your favorites?

Swimsuit: Black Milk ClothingThe Awesome Suit


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cupcakes&balloons 31. July 2015

ganz deiner Meinung! Es gibt wirklich schon tolle Teile, modisch, und sie passen einfach immer! :) Liebe Grüße,


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