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Sankt Pölten

Thursday August 27th, 2015

Some time ago I received the invitation to write the Zalando Festival Guide for the FM4 Frequency Festival – of course I said “hell yeah”. I was thinking about visting the Frequency Festival before, as this year’s line up was amazing – so having the chance to write about it for Zalando’s Festival Guide was a great opportunity to combine “blog work” with “private time”. Generally I’m a bit ambivalent about festivals. On one hand you can see a lot of great artists in a few days, but on the other hand – I really hate camping. I’m one of those festival guests who rather checks in in a nice hotel room after a long festival day or drive back home. Luckily the St. Pölten isn’t so far away from Vienna.
So last week the time had finally come – we were on our way to the Frequency Festival. I have to admit that the first arrival at a festival is always the worst part –  did you ever search the right parking ground on festival grounds? I never manage to find it right away. Finally there I had to realize that I wouldn’t be able to wear the Festival Outfit I wanted to share with you. It had been the whole day and the days before, the whole festival grounds were muddy and my suede leather boots wouldn’t be the perfect match for this kind of weather. Luckily I had another outfit and my Hunter wellies with me. I have never been happier about a pair of rubber boots than while beeing on that festival.
Above the entrance to the festival grounds the writing “Way to madness” caught my eyes and it was the truth. The Frequency Festival wasn’t the first festival I’ve been to and I already knew that most of the festival guests will be a crazy bunch of people who left all their courtesies and their intellect at home. But you wouldn’t believe how quickly you attract those crazy people when you’ve got a camera with you and you’re trying to take some pictures. After my first strange encounters with other festival guests I began to explore the festival grounds. I really liked setup of this festivals – these festival grounds where definitely the coolest I’ve been to this year. It was impressive. For example the food area – there where a lot of amazing looking food trucks or even a bar that looked like an old western saloon, they had a “mini western city” build up. They had a great variety of different kind of foods and it was even tasteful (unlike the normal festival food).
As mentioned before I was really looking forward to Frequency’s line up. For example José Gonzalez – I missed his concert in Vienna in Spring and I was so happy that I finally had the chance to see him perform. Also Major Lazer’s show was simply amazing! I was stunned – the energy, the visuals, the performance – it was breathtaking. I had the chance to see many great shows during these three days, my favorites were José Gonzalez, Major Lazer, Enter Shikari, Kendrik Lamar und Linkin Park.
Do you want to read more about great festivals all over Europe? You should definitely visit Zalando’s Festival Guide.


Finally I’d like to tell you my three “must-haves” for visiting a festival. Nevermind if you’re camping or staying at a hotel, you should always bring the following with you:

1) Rubber boots: It’s crazy how quickly a bit of rain and a few thousand people can turn grasslands to muddy grounds! At the end of the day rubber boots keep your feet dry and they are easy to clean.

2) Cardigan: Despite the rain it was quite warm (too warm for my beloved leather jacket) and it could heat up really quickly when the sun was coming out for a bit. A cardigan were perfect, because I could easily stuff it into my backpack when it got too hot and it kept me warm when it got cooler. (At nighttime I still had to throw my leather jacket over, but during the day the cardigan did suffice.)

3) Disinfectant: Washing your hands can be a hard task while on festival grounds. I always have disinfectant spray with me.

Which festivals did you visit this year? What are your festival “must-haves” you can’t live without?


My festival look:

Hair beads: Regal Rose Hair Bead Clickers
Cardigan: Tiger of Sweden via Zalando
Top: Bershka (old)
Shorts: Pull & Bear (old)
Boots: Hunter

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Sabrina 27. August 2015

Schön siehst du aus! Die Haarperlen stehen dir total gut <3


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