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Thursday January 7th, 2016

Winter in Vienna. Since weeks I have had new pieces waiting at home, ready to be shot. After some time, you start wondering if you’ll ever see the sun again, and begin to realize that you might have to shoot anyway – or maybe not?
Karma, Baby! A few days ago I woke up to bright sunlight, and then I knew: It’s now or never! I rescheduled the plans I had made, and soon we started shooting a few outfits.
Kid Karma had sent me a few pieces of their current collection, one of them was this great, oversized college jacket. At first I was quite skeptical if it would keep me warm, but I was proven wrong. I combined it with my favorite pair of jeans from Levi’s and my Timberland’s. I didn’t freeze at all. I have to admit that the Timberland’s did quite a good job, as one of the most important things to keep warm is to mind your footwear. If it’s getting really cold (and maybe there’s even snow), I can really count on my Timberland’s. (PS: About a year ago I would have never thought it to be true, but warm insoles do make a difference I hardly ever have cold feet anymore.)

Jacket: Kid Karma Varsity Jacket
Jeans: Levis 710 Super Skinny via Otto
Shoes: Timberland
Sunglasses: ZeroUV (8795)


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Joepet Macariola 06. May 2016

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