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The Hague

Tuesday December 8th, 2015

Some new exciting collaborations are coming up. I can’t wait to finally start shooting.

As I’ve been to the Netherlands in November, I did a lot of shopping there. Walking around a lot I soon felt I need something more comfortable than my boots and I got all black “Nike Huaraches”. A shoe I’ve been eyeing for some time now, but actually didn’t want to buy right before Winter. Well, what must be must be. I love them. I also bought a wonderful dress from “Sixth June” at an Aspact store. Just to mention a few of my bargains. A bigger shopping review will follow in my Amsterdam travel guide. Back home, after browsing through the All Saints November Lookbook, I decided I’ve to get my hands on their beautiful “Elya” fake fur coat and managed to grab one in XS. This gorgeous piece is already sold out by now.

Spending a week in Amsterdam and The Hague was great – and I already miss it. I love the Netherlands and even though the weather was awful most of the time, I had an awesome time. Stay tuned for my travel guide.

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Alice Cooper – Ballad of Dwight Fry

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