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Days are getting longer, and the nights become milder. The perfect weather to take a stroll through the city in the evening, isn’t it? Those warm summer evenings are somehow calming for me, and to explore the city by foot is somehow meditative.

That’s why I try to arrive early for evening appointments to take some time to stroll through the surroundings. Vienna has so many beautiful but hidden corners I would never stumble upon otherwise. That’s how these pictures were taken.

My outfit is – typically me – all black, but it has some kind of casual elegance to it. A while ago, I wouldn’t have dared to wear flare pants like this one, but now, they’ve become a favorite piece for those evenings where I’ve no idea what to wear. They never appear too overdressed and will never be too underdressed.





Sunglasses: ZeroUV (9788)
Top: Zara
Pants: Zara

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OOTD Channel 12. June 2016

amazing Photography with talented model like you. http://www.ootdchannel.com


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