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Thursday September 1st, 2016

As you might have noticed, it got a bit quiet around here. Mostly it was because I desperately needed a summer break, and I also wanted to think about where I want to go with HER PISTOL GO in the future. As a (young) blogger, it can be hard sometimes to not lose yourself. In our first year with the blog we’ve achieved a lot, had amazing cooperations. But if you get invited to different showrooms, get to see new gorgeous collection pieces, it might become harder to say „no“ when they don’t fit your personal style. Suddenly you find yourself in an outfit that you’ve already seen in different variations on other bloggers and you begin to ask yourself: „Is this the real me?“ Also, the growing number of bloggers puts a lot of pressure on you, like to always try finding an outfit no one has worn before. I want to go back to the roots, the main purpose of HER PISTOL GO: To share stories with beautiful pictures, to let you take part in my travels and outfits through photography. There should be more regularity with my posts again soon; we still need to make some minor changes on the website. And before I head to Ibiza in a few days, I want to share some pictures of my trip to Barcelona that I took at the beginning of summer with you. I know by now that you can find yourself best through travelling and gaining new experiences. Being on the move to finally arrive.



Jacket: Diesel
Pants: Samsoe & Samsoe
Sunglasses:  ZeroUV (9174e)

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annika 12. January 2017

No, this was in Barceloneta. xx Annika

Ron 26. November 2016

Las Ramblas ?

Cathrin 16. September 2016

Die Bilder sind toll geworden! Ich liebe deine Sonnenbrille :). Das Statement finde ich TOP! Alle Blogger sollten so denken, denn das ist doch der Unterschied zu Magazinen. Man möchte echte Menschen und ehrliche Meinungen sehen. Ganz liebe Grüße! Cathi von http://www.cat-walking.com


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