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Wednesday January 4th, 2017

Unpleasant silence. A crowded room, a dozen pair of eyes full of expectation staring right at you, the seconds seem to last forever, you feel a lump in your throat, the room seems way too hot, someone’s coughing slightly. The silence gets unbearable. You’d give anything to leave this room, but that’s impossible. You feel sick, you’re having a hard time breathing and you’re struggling for words. Some of us experience the fear of talking in front of a group this way or something like it.
In December, I was part of a really exciting shooting for Samsung which dealt with that and other fears. Imagine how amazing it would be if we could face our fears in a safe environment! Samsung is trying to make this possible with the help of a new app. Different scenes were shot with a 360-degree camera. Using a virtual reality headset or your smartphone, you jump right into the scene and learn to deal with situations you feel uncomfortable with.


In the spot that we filmed about the fear of public speaking, I played the bride who was eagerly waiting for a guest’s speech to begin – and he just wouldn’t start talking. By the way, the beautiful wedding gown I was wearing is by Elfenkleid.


I’m really excited to see the final outcome of the shoot. Personally, it motivated me to confront my own fears a little more often, and to deal with stuff that has been unpleasant for me. Right on time for a New Year’s resolution.


In friendly cooperation with Elfenkleid.

Hair and Make-Up: Sandra Bauer
Pictures: Christoph Tilley


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Annika 03. February 2017

Liebe Daaaniieee, hier ein kurzes Update zu dem Dreh. Samsung hat vor wenigen Tagen das Video veröffentlicht. Auf unserer Facebook Seite (https://facebook.com/herpistolgo.blog) kannst du dir das Video ansehen. :) LG Annika

Annika 01. February 2017

Derzeit immer wieder auf Samsung Events. (In der SCS hatten sie jetzt ein paar Tage etwas aufgebaut, da konnte man aber nur eines der Videos sehen.) Ob es irgendwann auch auf YouTube und Co. zu sehen ist, weiß ich leider noch nicht. Alles Liebe, Annika

Daaaniieee 31. January 2017

Hört sich ja spannend an sieht man den Dreh bzw das Endvideo ? LG Daaaniieee.at

Beautyblog 13. January 2017

Wow, echt wunderschöne Bilder!

Vicky 12. January 2017

Wunderschönes Kleid! Die App klingt auch sehr interessant!


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