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Herpistolgo is a Vienna based street style fashion blog documenting the journey of the ordinary girl next door to a fashionkilla. Our team wants to encourage and influence young people around the world exploring themselves through fashion and beyond that give our readers the inspiration to write their own story.

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The team behind


I’m the heart and creative head of herpistolgo. Born, raised and living in Vienna my life as a young woman has always held some unexpected surprises for me. Being a rather shy and insecure teenager, fashion helped me finding new ways to express myself, enabling me to become the confident and secure woman I’ve always wanted to be. My aim and dream is to encourage you taking that extra step out of the comfort zone and give you the needed inspiration finding your own and unique style. It is my opportunity to show you which lessons fashion has taught me so far. Join me on my journey from an ordinary girl next door to a fashionkilla.


When we first came up with the idea for herpistolgo, I knew that this was going to be something I really wanted to be part of.
Being the photographer and creative supervisor of this young project, it’s my goal to create pictures that catch the heart and evoke instant emotions.
With my work for herpistolgo, I want to fill the gap between street style photography and high fashion editorials.
I believe that photographs are powerful tools to tell stories and I’ll do my best to help Annika realize her vision.

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