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Tuesday May 12th, 2015

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of vintage inspired clothing. I always liked college jackets and when I spotted this one at a G-Star store a while ago I knew I had to get it! The embroidered dog / wolf skeletons immediately caught my attention. They’re just the right little edgy and weird twist this shiny jacket needed to make it special and made me love it. Because another non-secret fact about me is that I’m a huge Tim Burton Fan and somehow this jacket reminded me of his movie „Corpse Bride“. So vintage clothing combined with a little Tim Burton spirit? I REALLY had to get it.
Turns out I’m a lucky one and won a 250 € gift voucher at the G-Star #tightorwide Styling Event in Vienna in March. Of course I knew instantly how to spend it.
With summer just around the corner I can finally show it off and paired it with my white Nike Air Force. It’s the perfect spring / summer jacket.




College Jacket: G-Star Raw Baseball Embro Bomber
Jeans: Hollister (old)
Shoes: Nike Air Force 1
Earcuff: Thomas Sabo
Necklace: Bjorg


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