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I’ve been to my first Paris Fashion Week this month, as you might have noticed. Today I’d love to share a few impressions with you. Maybe you’ll find yourself in these six situations when you visit Paris Fashion Week one day:

1. Nobody cares…
…if somebody shoots pictures in the middle of the street. During my first few hours in Paris, I already encountered two street style shootings. For example those of two girls who were walking in front of me, stopping every few meters. Wondering why they were walking so funny, I realized (when I walked past them) that they were in fact taking pictures. No Parisian would stop and give them a funny look, which is exactly what would have happened in Vienna.


2. Pardon mon French
Salut, bonjour, merci… Well, that’s most of what is left of my school French, and I’m pretty sure my French teacher would give me a contemptuous look if she knew. On the first day, my lips wouldn’t even let me form a simple greeting. It got better after the second day, but I really must polish up my French before my next trip to France.


3. Hurting feet
It was probably a rookie mistake. I knew I would have to walk a lot during Fashion Week. So I decided to match most of my outfits with flats. But breaking in a completely new pair of shoes I’ve never worn before was a big mistake. I wanted my new Filling Pieces to look as clean as possible for shooting a new look with them. Apart from that, socks, if they’re not an essential statement piece of the outfit, shouldn’t be seen at all. That’s why I put on my new Filling Pieces with the tiniest ballerina socks ever…which started slipping off my heels after ten steps. At the end of the day (or to be more precise: starting from midday), that resulted in some painful chafing. The way back to the hotel was – even though I had Compeed plasters – a real torture. I took every step in agony, and when I finally reached the corridor to my room, I took off my shoes and walked barefoot. They do look great on the pictures, but I’ve learned my lesson: Never wear completely new shoes during Fashion Week if you can’t change them during the day. Even flats can cause a lot of pain in the beginning.


4. Traffic jam
Traffic in Paris is crazy. Many people have told me that. But in fact, Uber and taxis served me quite well until that one time where I had to get out of an Uber after five minutes and with hurting feet because it was clear we were stuck and the car wouldn’t move anywhere near my destination anytime soon. Sometimes you’re better off walking or taking the underground.


5. Damn, I need an umbrella!
I don’t know why, but I never travel with an umbrella. While being in London last month, I was already bugged by having forgotten to take one with me. But it wasn’t as bad as it would get in Paris! On the last day, I got wet to the bones within five minutes. I had to change clothes for my flight home. If you want your outfit and your hair to look good (and to stay that way), never forget to bring an umbrella!


6. Last but not least: Too many people!
Paris is a metropolis; I get it. Paris during Fashion Week should be declared a state of emergency. Visiting that cute café or the hip breakfast place you heard about? Eating at that great restaurant, and making the decision on the fly? That’s not going to work. Trying to get a reservation? Back to point 2: If you don’t speak French, you’re handicapped when calling a restaurant. Most of the time we were lucky enough to get a table at the places where we wanted to eat, but there were also situations where we had to opt for a plan B because there were no open tables to be had within the next few hours. If you’re hungry right in this moment, this is not the best news of the day. PS: If everything else fails: You’ll find great snacks at “Frenchie To Go” and amazing patisserie at “Mori Yoshida”.


Coat: All Saints
Blouse: Mango
Jeans: Tiger of Sweden
Shoes: Filling Pieces
Bag: Furla




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