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Wednesday November 30th, 2016

Three rules that I’ve learned during my fashion journey:

First: Invest in high quality materials. They will last longer, fit you better, feel better on your skin and look better, too. The All Saints trousers I’m wearing in these photos are made of silk and they feel amazing once you put them on. Silk may not be an easy-care fabric, but the smooth feel on your body is worth the trouble.

Second: Mix different materials. For this outfit, I combined leather with silk. This might not be a combination one would think of in the first place, but it looks pretty cool.

Third: Wear, mix and match whatever you like. Always remember: Confidence is your best accessory.




Vest: Diesel
Shirt: H&M
Pants: All Saints

Shoes: All Saints


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Malin 01. December 2016

4: Lederwesten machen jeden Look gleich viel cooler! .. super schönes Outfit :) Liebe Grüße, Malin | Spark&Bark

Melia Beli 30. November 2016

Das Outfit ist ganz nach meinem Geschmack, vor allem die Schuhe haben es mir sofort angetan! Ich bin auch absolut der Meinung, dass man immer und immer wieder das tragen sollte, wonach einem ist - ist doch formidabel, wenn wir alle individuell sind und uns nicht von einer eintönigen Masse beeindrucken lassen :) Allerliebst


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