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Sunday February 12th, 2017

Oh London, how I have missed you. It felt good to be back. When in need for inspiration, London is always worth a visit. Especially for me, coming from a „small“ city like Vienna, it will always feel kind of surreal walking through a metropolis like London. Let alone comparing the two underground systems. I’m always surprised how quickly I adjust to it. Maybe it’s because I’m a „big city girl“ in my heart.


Visiting London in January/February? I know, not the best time, some of you might think. You may be right when it comes to sightseeing. But I didn’t take the trip for that reason. The main purpose of my visit was a long awaited concert. Black Sabbath had been doing their „The End“ Tour over the last months. One of the first bands I remember listening to as a kid, thanks to my father. When I couldn’t make it to their last concert in Vienna, I decided I had to see them one more time; and which city could be better for going to the last Black Sabbath show than London? I shouldn’t regret that decision. It was an amazing concert, and I’m really happy that I had the opportunity to be there.


The other part of my stay included shooting stuff for the blog and strolling around London, searching for new inspiration and having a little leisure time just for me, too. Things I really needed to do.



I’m also happy and proud to show you my first outfit that we shot in London, walking through Soho. I just love how the pictures turned out. Even though it was raining a little that day – what can I say…it’s London after all. I’m wearing my wool coat, which is my favorite at the moment, that I got about a month ago from All Saints. What I like most about it is the slightly oversized fit that makes it easy to style in a cool way, so that it doesn’t look too „polished“. The jeans I’m wearing are Levi’s iconic 501’s, but with a little twist. They’re the 501 Skinny. So it’s basically their timeless original, redesigned with a slimmer leg. After years of skinny, stretchy jeans dominating the streets and my closet, these jeans feel like a good addition to my wardrobe. Last summer, I’ve been all over the Levi’s Wedgie fit (read more here), but with the remastered 501 Skinny, this fit has got a real opponent now. Guess you can’t fight a classic. I can’t wait to build more looks around these jeans.



Coat: All Saints
Sweater: All Saints
Jeans: Levi’s 501 Skinny
Shoes: Buffalo

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Melina 22. February 2017

Perfect style and beautiful pictures! Love it!


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